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Miami Mix It Up Bartending Services. Let our Professional, Certified Bartenders-Mixologist serve your guests. For a minimal price you can have us tend your party. Then you can enjoy your event with out having to worry if things are running smooth. We have over 10 years of bartending experience, we are very friendly and courteous and also... We make delicious mouth watering drinks, such as...

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Screw Driver "Vodka & Orange juice"
Cape Cod "Vodka & Cranberry"

Whiskey/Amaretto Sours
Cuba Libre "Rum & Coke"
Sour Apple Martinis
Sex On The Beach
Long Islands
Gin & Tonic
7 & 7
White Russian
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"We prefer not... to just bartend. We like to entertain your guests as well"

Miami Mix It Up Bartender Services

On Call Friday-Sunday If Available

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We Specialize In Thematic Parties
...we go with the flow!

All Occasions, Including...Intimate Evenings, 15's, Sweet 16's, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Weddings, Holidays, BBQ's, Birthdays, Surprise Parties, Costume Parties, "Bridal & Baby" Showers, Get-To-Gethers, Promotional Events, Corporate Functions

Let Us Be Your Personal Mixologist Bartender


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Yeah, We Entertain...

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Ahh... Pool side our bartender got caught Off gaurd As She Was dancin with the Girls. Then came the shots.

Britney Member Of The
Mix It Up Family

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Yvonne, Member Of The Mix It Up Bartender Family
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Bartending Services can take a lot of shapes and forms...

To really impress your guests a bartender shouldn't just mix drinks all night! We Suggest a bartender should become part of the party. We always dress the part from traditional unifrom to sporty for such events as Superbowls.

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With a touch of love

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